SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 To Take Place In Tokyo, December 4-7
November 16, 2018

SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 To Take Place In Tokyo, December 4-7

TOKYO — The future of computer graphics animation will be on vibrant display next month at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018, the region’s leading annual interdisciplinary educational event showcasing the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The 11th SIGGRAPH Asia will take place December 4th through 7th at Tokyo International Forum. SIGGRAPH just announced the full lineup for its Computer Animation Festival too.
The SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Computer Animation Festival (CAF) is Asia's premier showcase for a worldwide collection of the year's best works. Under this year’s “Crossover” theme, CAF will showcase 38 short films and presentations, culled from close to 400 submissions. For four days, presenters will showcase their most innovative explorations and evolutions in computer-generated animation and visual effects. From student works to professional films, the event underscores how computer animation artistry and visual technology are evolving and impacting art and culture. 
"We are very proud of the robust offerings SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Computer Animation Festival has to offer this year.", says Shuzo John Shiota, SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Computer Animation Festival Chair. "A diverse jury of distinguished industry leaders have chosen from nearly 400 submissions from all over the world, a truly eclectic selection of the very best digitally rendered pieces that 2018 has to offer, which will be shown in the Electronic Theater and the Animation Theater. We are also extremely happy to introduce to SIGGRAPH Asia, the VR Theater for the first time. In addition, we have around 10 production sessions that will no doubt give the audience valuable insights on a wide range of digital production; from Hollywood blockbusters by the likes of Pixar, distinct digital Anime productions by local Japanese studios, VR productions, to 64K intro productions."
The Computer Animation Festival consists of the following main components:

- Screenings: These include the Electronic Theater, Animation Theater and Invited Screenings, where the full breadth of this year’s work in computer animation can be enjoyed at length. - Computer Animation Festival - Animation Theater: An in-depth exploration of the world of animation, visual effects, and scientific visualization from the last year. In the Animation Theater, all-day shows present outstanding works from around the world selected by the Computer Animation Festival's jury.
- Computer Animation Festival - Electronic Theater: A two-hour overview filled with the best animations, visual effects, and scientific visualizations produced in the last year. The jury assembled this show to represent must-see works in computer graphics.
- VR Theater: For the first time at SIGGRAPH Asia, the VR Theater will feature virtual reality narrative films in the newly established VR Theater. Attendees can experience VR story telling pieces in this year’s ticketed group screenings.
- Panels & Production Talks: Panels are organized by special invitation or selected from juried proposals submitted through the online submission process. Production Sessions feature the world's most elite and talented computer graphic experts and creative geniuses who will explain their processes and techniques for creating compelling content. They include presentations by experts on various aspects of computer animation and visual effects topics, as well as behind-the-scenes presentations by creators from the studios and schools, whose works are screened at the festival.
- Computer Animation Festival – 3 Award Winning Categories:
An expert jury of professionals selected award-winning works that span the visual effects, animation, research and development, games, advertising, and education fields. Awards include Best of Show Award, Jury Special Award and Best Student Project Award.

BEST IN SHOW AWARD: L'oiseau qui danse
Director and Producer: Jean-Marie Marbach, Independent, France
Inspired by Visual Music, created with Trapcode Suite and animated with particles on music by Canadian band Tennyson, this project features the journey of an origami bird in a mysterious field of light (Image Copyright Text, Image Credits, and Comments: L'oiseau qui danse ©Jean-Marie Marbach).

Director: Jérémie Becquer, Miyu Distribution, Luxembourg
Producer: Michelle Ann Nardone, Miyu Distribution, Denmark
Set in a contemporary society of mice and rats, Hubert, a young observing rat, recites slam poetry full of hope within his head as he passes by individualistic strangers in the Parisian metro. Hubert´s poetry remains optimistic and persistent, despite the harsh reality of the world he lives in.

Director: Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez, Miyu Distribution, Mexico
Producer: Michelle Ann Nardone, Miyu Distribution, Denmark
Deep in the harsh countryside, where life fades with every breath, a boy tormented with grief battles an inescapable beast.
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