SGO Updates Mistika VR Stitching Software
March 22, 2018

SGO Updates Mistika VR Stitching Software

MADRID, SPAIN — SGO ( has released a new version of Mistika VR, its fast stitching software. The new release brings more than 20 new features that significantly contribute to a more efficient workflow, as well as improve performance and quality, and accelerate collaboration among multiple computers.
The latest release is already available at no additional cost to all existing Mistika VR customers.
Mistika VR introduces improvements such as media relinking, mass import of media, a zoomable visual editor timeline, and many others that will notably enhance VR 360 post production workflows. Users will find better alignment for coaxial rigs and a forward distance parameter that acts as an experimental alternative to convergence.  

Sharing projects between different operating systems is now possible through Path Translator. There is upgraded 360-degree photography support, and the maximum camera number has been increased, allowing larger still image photography sets. 
The Nvidia h264/h265 renderer now supports the QP mode for constant quality, which is more appropriate for post production workflows. And the KanDao timelapse import tool helps to reorder and rename KanDao sequences thanks to the drag and drop utility, simplifying the import and management process.

Subscribers can check out the latest Open Beta release of Mistika VR. Once the Open Beta phase is over, this latest release will be available to everyone, including evaluation subscribers.