Rodeo FX Reveals <I>Greatest Showman</I> Work
May 15, 2018

Rodeo FX Reveals Greatest Showman Work

MONTREAL — Rodeo FX released a new making-of video that showcases the VFX studio's work on 85 shots featured in the film The Greatest Showman. Working closely with the film’s production team, and on-set with director Michael Gracey, Rodeo FX delivered a variety of CG shots.
Using plates of the miniaturized cityscape of old Manhattan, the team worked its CG magic to bring the city to life. Rodeo FX created various other CG environments for the film as well as the fire and destruction effects for the climactic scene of the theater burning down. 

One of the most challenging shots that Rodeo FX delivered for The Greatest Showman features three young kids running into the circus. The plate for this sequence was shot entirely on greenscreen, with just the actors in place. Rodeo FX was tagged to build the entire shot in CG, from the reflection of the circus on the puddle and the water effects as the kids run through it, to the environment and, of course, the iconic circus tent.