PipelineFX Updates Qube! Render Farm Management Software
June 15, 2018

PipelineFX Updates Qube! Render Farm Management Software

LOS ANGELES — PipelineFX (pipelinefx.com) has released Qube! 7.0­0, the latest update to its render farm management software for visual effects. The new release includes features for studios that need to render, report and automate in the cloud and on­ premises.
Version 7.0 is driven by major improvements to the fundamental architecture of the software. At the core, a new Postgres database has been integrated boasting faster response to job queries and less cumbersome table creation through a modified schema. On the surface and available in Beta immediately upon request, user interactions with Qube! are accelerated by a completely New UI codebase running what will become the single, unified interface for render farm management under Qube!. All the benefits of PipelineFX’s WranglerView and ArtistView, and then some, will come together into this new UI complemented by new convenience features like more flexible interface layouts and an in­UI command prompt.

Facilitated by the database change, both Qube! clients and trial users can now acquire a supervisor license free of charge. As PipelineFX only charges for worker licenses going forward, users can easily obtain supervisors, allowing for a quicker start to testing, easier set up of multiple environments, and less expenditure. With the first 30 days free unlimited rendering driven by metered licensing, it will be simpler than before to test Qube! across all of available resources as well as a preferred cloud provider. 

Qube! can run in any kind of cloud environment, whether private, such as Scalar or Liquid Web, or public, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon Web. PipelineFX has clients using Qube! in production on all three. 

PipelineFX is also announcing the addition of support for OSX 10.13 and newly integrated job submission for Unreal Sequencer and Keyshot, Nuke Frame Server, NukeStudio, Maya 2018, 3DS Max 2018 and After Effects CC 2018.

Customers currently on maintenance and support can download Version 7.0 immediately from the PipelineFX ftp site. And now through July 31st, there is commercial promotional pricing available.