OptiTrack Launches Prime Color High-Speed Camera
April 12, 2018

OptiTrack Launches Prime Color High-Speed Camera

CORVALLIS, OR – OptiTrack has announced Prime Color, a versatile, high-speed, high-resolution video camera that delivers freeze frame images for high-speed video analysis as well as reference video applications for traditional motion-capture systems.
This newest addition to OptiTrack’s Prime Series of high-performance cameras provides the ability to integrate full-color video across a number of applications. 

“Both the movement science and character animation communities have been forced to cobble together inelegant and separately operated systems when recording video during motion-tracking events,” said Brian Nilles, OptiTrack chief strategy officer. “In response, we are delivering the solution for video movement analysis as well as video reference during motion-capture sessions.”

The Prime Color operates at the following resolutions and frame rates:
  • 1080p up to 250 fps
  • 720p up to 380 fps
  • 960x540 up to 500 fps

Frequency-matched eStrobes were designed specifically for operation with the Prime Color to produce color rich, blur-free images at very high frame rates. These LED light bars synchronize with Prime Color cameras for an ultra-efficient light source for fast exposure capture, while eliminating banding and strobing common to other solutions. 

OptiTrack will also be releasing the Prime Color FS, which adds a software-operated mechanical filter switcher to enable calibration alongside other OptiTrack cameras. This provides the ability to overlay precision 3D motion-capture data on the video image for data verification as well as CG reference. The first Prime Color FS cameras will be available May 1, 2018, for $1,999. 

Prime Color is now available starting at $1,499. MSRP.