Isotropix Clarisse Integrates AI-Driven Denoiser
March 28, 2018

Isotropix Clarisse Integrates AI-Driven Denoiser

GPU TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE  – Isotropix has released Clarisse 3.6 SP1 a new update bringing the NVIDIA OptiX AI denoiser to its flagship product. Unveiled by Sébastien Guichou, Isotropix’s CTO and co-founder, during NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, California, this Clarisse update is immediately available to existing customers.
Thanks to the real-time denoiser powered by NVIDIA GPUs, artists can now make their creative decisions faster than ever before as this technology dramatically speeds up final render times and greatly improves the quality of interactive feedback.
This Clarisse 3.6 SP1 update brings OptiX AI-driven denoiser technology in the form of a real-time denoiser in Clarisse’s 3D View interactive progressive rendering, as an image filter for Clarisse final renders and finally as a new command line tool to denoise final renders as a post-render batch process.
Thanks to its integration into Clarisse’s 3D View, the NVIDIA OptiX AI denoiser brings progressive rendering to the next level. This game-changing image process enables Clarisse’s renderer to converge way faster to the final result allowing artists to make their creative decisions in no time.
Integrated as a new image filter in Clarisse, users can now benefit from NVIDIA’s AI-driven denoiser directly on their final renders, leading to quicker render times as the number of samples required to render a noise-free final image is dramatically reduced.
In addition, Isotropix has introduced CDenoise, a special command line tool designed to solve the issue of denoising renders on render-farms that may not be entirely equipped with NVIDIA GPUs. This dedicated tool allows customers to apply the denoiser on dedicated machines equipped with NVIDIA GPUs as a batch post-process using as input a sequence of rendered EXR files.

Clarisse 3.6 SP1 update is immediately available to purchase starting from $999, through Isotropix’s online store and its authorized resellers. Existing customers, with an active maintenance, are eligible for a free upgrade.