Deep Cognition Makes Software Easily Available To Democratize AI
October 29, 2018

Deep Cognition Makes Software Easily Available To Democratize AI

IRVING, TX — Deep Cognition (, a deep learning software company, announced that its Deep Learning Studio is now available as a GPU-optimized container from the Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) container registry for use with the company’s GPUs. This gives organizations simple access to a drag-and-drop platform that provides an advantaged way to develop, train and deploy AI solutions.
“Deep Cognition’s software represents a breakthrough because it combines ease of use with impressive power and functionality,” says Deep Cognition’s CEO Mandeep Kumar. “Optimizing our Deep Learning Studio for Nvidia’s industry-leading GPUs and making it easily available in a container from NGC effectively lowers the barrier of entry for AI adoption, allowing companies of all sizes to tap into the AI revolution.”

Deep Cognition’s vision is to democratize AI by providing developers, engineers, researchers and data scientists of varying levels of experience with a state-of-the-art, yet easy-to-use AI development and deployment platform. By leveraging Nvidia’s Volta architecture GPUs, developers can attain maximum efficiency on their AI model training.

The current shortage of AI talent hampers organizations from harnessing AI’s full potential. Making software easier to get, install and run addresses this challenge by dramatically lowering the time, training and investment required to become proficient in developing and deploying AI, thus democratizing AI and speeding its adoption. The availability of Deep Cognition’s software from the NGC container registry offers many immediate benefits.

It eliminates barriers to AI within organizations of all sizes by lowering the time, training and investment required to harness deep learning solutions. It expands the available pool of AI developers by enabling software engineers and non-programmers to develop the skills needed for deep learning. The software simplifies and speeds up the process of building, training and deploying deep learning models within organizations. And it leverages Nvidia’s next-generation Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs for Deep Learning Studio developers to optimize their model training time.