Artec 3D Unveils Artec Ray Laser Scanner
March 23, 2018

Artec 3D Unveils Artec Ray Laser Scanner

SANTA CLARA, CA – Artec 3D, developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, has expanded its no-targets-required 3D scanning technology portfolio with the announcement of the Artec Ray. 

This new metrology-grade laser scanner, which can capture data from large objects up to 110 meters away, produces high-quality data with sub-millimeter accuracy. It also boasts superior angular accuracy to ensure even the smallest details are captured with precision. Artec Ray can scan and process data directly in the robust Artec Studio software, which can then be seamlessly exported to programs such as Geomagic Design X, SolidWorks or ReCap for reverse engineering or design and construction documentation. 

Artec Ray is well-suited for reverse engineering large objects, quality control and inspection tasks, product design, building information modeling (BIM) in the construction industry, capturing full crime scenes in the field of forensics and the historical digital preservation of monuments and heritage sites. The scanner can easily digitize large objects ranging from buildings to wind turbines to airplanes, producing 3D data with metrological precision and without the use of sticky markers or other tracking aids. Artec Ray is portable, compact and simple-to-use, as it can be set up in front of an object and can scan at the press of a button. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use, the 4-hour internal battery allows the user to operate untethered to a power source.

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