Vancouver Film School Opens New Mocap Stage
May 31, 2017

Vancouver Film School Opens New Mocap Stage

VANCOUVER, CANADA — Vancouver Film School ( has opened its new commercial performance capture studio. The school partnered with Mimic Performance Capture, Inc., to build one of Canada’s largest motion-capture studios, which encompasses 32,000 cubic feet.

The Performance Capture Studio is designed for a range of applications and will allow students to have hands-on training for advanced stunt work, voice work, new camera systems, mocap methodologies, and applied research. The studio will allow VFS and Mimic to collaborate on the development and delivery of specialized curriculum and training workshops for VFS programs, staff, and students.

VFS alumni will have first-priority for all commercial performance capture employment opportunities at the new studio, as well as enhanced training and education in the latest motion capture skills and techniques. Furthermore, Mimic will mentor students on projects involving performance capture, and work with VFS’s animation, game, film-based, and acting programs to identify best practices, guidelines, and processes for using performance capture at the school. 
The studio already has a large number of bookings from both the gaming and film/TV production industry. Later this summer, the studio will be open its doors to a number of big companies, including Gearbox, Capcom, Waterproof Studios and House of Cool.
“At Vancouver Film School, our aim is to deeply integrate our programs with leading entertainment media/production companies, providing industry and educational insight for our students. This applied approach to learning will have far reaching benefits for our students as it makes their first day at VFS their first day on the job,” says Dr. Ted Gervan, VP of education at VFS.
“We’re excited to be collaborating with VFS. The school produces the highest caliber of graduates and we’re looking forward to helping shape these future industry leaders,” adds Graham Qually, president of Mimic Performance Capture Inc.