Sketchfab Bring AR to All
November 17, 2017

Sketchfab Bring AR to All

NEW YORK, NY – Hot on the heels of the platform’s recent update to its mobile app bringing Augmented Reality to iOS devices, Sketchfab announced that it is extending AR support to Android users.

Launching recently, the 3D sharing platform has updated its mobile app to support Google’s ARCore functionality. The move gives Android users access to over two million models on Sketchfab: effectively the largest AR library in the world. Sketchfab is also one of the very first app developers to support both ARKit and ARCore.

Given Sketchfab’s existing integration in a broad variety of 3D creation software, the addition of ARCore support makes the platform one of the easiest and most seamless ways for creators to publish 3D work to AR without needing to write a single line of code.

Sketchfab co-founder and CEO Alban Denoyel says, “Mobile AR lets you navigate 3D content in a much more natural and intuitive way than a 2D screen. You can move around any object or scene with 6 degrees of freedom, just like you would in real life, or in VR, but without the limitations of either.”

The updated app is available starting today from the Play Store.