Silicon Studio Debuts Xenko Game Engine At GDC 2017
March 1, 2017

Silicon Studio Debuts Xenko Game Engine At GDC 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — After nearly two years of beta testing, Silicon Studio Corporation has released its Xenko ( game engine, an open source engine designed for development teams of all size. The engine is on display at GDC 2017 in the company’s booth, and will be available for purchase in April.
Xenko was created and refined by a group of international developers working under the oversight of the Japanese studio known to game creators for its industry-standard middleware, and to gaming fans for development of the 3DS Bravely Default RPG series for Square Enix Co., Ltd. While the engine is accessible to users of all skill levels, it was created by developers for developers.

“The decision to move from middleware to a full game engine was actually a fairly easy one for us,” says Terada Takehiko, CEO of Silicon Studio. “We were in a position to address some of the complaints developers have about the other commercial game engines on the market, and from there we began to see what developers of the future will need to be successful, including VR and mobile support.”

Xenko supports the latest C#. Along with a development streamlining scene editor, a built-in prefab system and scene streaming system that allows developers to store, reuse, and review designs, the engine will launch with a complete set of tools, including a full asset pipeline, PBR material editor, script editor, particle editor, and more. 

Future proofing the engine for VR, Xenko also offers an intuitive user interface, an advanced rendering set, full support for Vulkan, Forward+ rendering support, global illumination, and a built-in 3D audio support system. Along with its appeal to developers working on all mediums, Silicon Studio expects Xenko to be the future reference and go-to game engine for VR development.

Xenko will be available to download directly from the Xenko website, as well as through authorized resellers in April 2017.