Rizom-Lab Releases Two Editions Of UV Unwrapping Software
November 7, 2017

Rizom-Lab Releases Two Editions Of UV Unwrapping Software

MARSEILLE, FRANCE — Rizom-Lab (www.unfold3d.com) has released two new editions of its popular UV unwrapping software. Unfold3D VS and Unfold3D RS have been rebooted to focus on different markets, with VS (or Virtual Spaces) catering to games, VFX and VR, and RS (or Real Space) targeting product design and laser texturing.
“Speed and ease of use have always been an important part of our UV mapping philosophy; by creating two versions, we can now cater to most pipelines,” says Rémi Arquier of Rizom-Lab. “Whether you’re a SubD, 2.5D, or CAD-user, Unfold3D makes simple models and complex scenes easier to unwrap with tools specifically designed to foster a fast, painless process, regardless of your geometry.”

Composed of one of the fastest, distortion-less unwrapping algorithms around, Unfold3D has made its name at companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Animal Logic, and The Mill. With V10, Unfold3D’s core technology has been enhanced and expanded, opening up new options for users working on real-world design projects. The functionality itself remains the same in both applications, ensuring consistency amongst products.

Autoseams is a new automatic seams feature that’s designed for characters, manufactured objects, trees and large terrains. Pack is a new, fast packaging feature that can be applied to a single 0, 1 tile, or fully configurable UDIM layout. Pack finds the best place, orientation and scale for all user islands, testing millions of combinations so space is never wasted.

New API support allows the Unfold3D C++ Library to be adapted to most professional pipelines and software. Multiple UV channel management and FBX support greatly simplifies workflow and data exchange when working with prominent apps like 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo, Mari, ZBrush and Substance Painter.

Unfold3D will now update the unwrapping interactively during cut and weld operations, making each edition more efficient and fun to use. And welding can now be completed by selecting islands and clicking a button. 

A series of Unfold3D tutorials are available now on Rizom-Lab’s YouTube channel. For a free trial, visit the company’s download page.