PNY Debuts Nvidia-Powered PrevailPro Mobile Workstations
August 9, 2017

PNY Debuts Nvidia-Powered PrevailPro Mobile Workstations

PARSIPPANY, NJ — PNY Technologies ( has launched a new high-powered mobile workstation product family. Powered by the latest generation Nvidia Quadro GPUs, the PNY PrevailPro P3000 and P4000 mobile workstations target the most graphically, computationally and CPU-intensive applications and workflows.
“From automotive design to scientific visualisation, professionals require the highest possible performance and most flexible features at a competitive price,” says Laurent Chapoulaud, senior marketing manager for PNY Technologies EMEAI. “Their complex graphical applications and numeric simulations far outpace what traditional laptops can provide. That’s why we have created the PNY PrevailPro mobile workstations to provide them with incredible processing power, speed and storage capabilities, along with the latest innovations like virtual reality.”

Continuing PNY’s longstanding partnership with Nvidia, the PNY PrevailPro range features the latest performance optimized and power-efficient Nvidia Quadro mobile GPUs. Combining Nvidia’s Pascal architecture with extremely powerful mobile graphics capabilities, PrevailPro delivers impressive performance to deliver a productivity enhancing, fluid and visually striking user experience when running advanced 3D applications.
The PrevailPro range features a balanced system architecture that delivers a high level of speed and storage capacity. Each model offers either a full HD (1080p) or an ultra-high resolution 15.6-inch 4K (UHD) display, an Intel i7 Kaby Lake-H + HM175 2.8 GHz processor, up to 32GB of memory and multiple Type-C USB 3.1 ports to accommodate peripherals and accessory. Both models use Windows 10 Pro 64-bit alongside a wide range of customizable tools and system utilities. In addition to ultra-fast SSD storage, the range offers one or two terabyte hard disk drives, providing professionals with all the space they need to get the job done.
The defining difference between models is the Nvidia Quadro GPU used. The P3000 features an Nvidia Quadro P3000 with 6GB of GDDR5 GPU memory, while the P4000 highlights the  Quadro P4000 paired with 8GB of GDDR5 GPU memory. This is one of the first times any thin and light system has implemented the Quadro P4000 as an embedded solution. 
Each model can run up to four active displays simultaneously, delivering 4K (UHD) picture quality at 60Hz refresh rates. A dedicated system control centre allows users to tweak display and audio settings or optimise battery usage for performance or longevity. 
The PrevailPro series measures 14.96” x 9.8" x 0.73" and weighs 6.39lbs. Its thin, lightweight design makes the range highly portable, enabling mobile professionals to take their system wherever they go.