Nvidia Readies New Line of DXG AI Supercomputers
May 15, 2017

Nvidia Readies New Line of DXG AI Supercomputers

Nvidia unveiled a new lineup of DGX AI supercomputers to advance the world's most challenging AI research.
Featuring Nvidia Tesla V100 data center GPUs based on the company’s Volta architecture and a fully optimized AI software package, the systems deliver groundbreaking AI computing power three times faster than the prior DGX generation, providing the performance of up to 800 CPUs in a single system.

The Volta architecture-based DGX portfolio includes the DGX-1 AI supercomputer for data center deployments and a new personal supercomputing workstation, the DGX Station.

Both systems benefit from the integrated Nvidia GPU Cloud Deep Learning Stack delivered over the newly launched Nvidia GPU Cloud.

The Nvidia GPU Cloud Deep Learning Stack integrates the latest deep learning frameworks and the Nvidia software development kit into an always up-to-date container. DGX customers can power up and immediately get started with the latest deep learning software for training, inferencing and other AI computing workloads – saving weeks of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in integration and engineering effort.

Using one consistent software stack across the portfolio, data scientists can easily experiment deskside on their personal DGX Station and then seamlessly scale their work to a DGX-1 server cluster.

Introduced last year, DGX-1 systems now power a wide range of AI deployments at leading enterprises, cloud service providers and research organizations worldwide. The new Volta-based DGX-1 supercomputer delivers the computing capacity of 800 CPUs in a single, small server footprint.