Nvidia Providing Developers With Early Access To Holodeck
October 10, 2017

Nvidia Providing Developers With Early Access To Holodeck

MUNICH, GERMANY — At GTC Europe, Nvidia announced that it has opened early access to Holodeck, its intelligent virtual reality platform, for select designers and developers. Holodeck brings designers, developers and their customers together from anywhere in the world to discover, build and explore creations in a highly realistic, collaborative and physically-simulated VR environment.
The platform's immersive, photoreal experience drives creativity, provides a faster and more accurate understanding of a scene or model, streamlines the review process and reduces the need for physical prototyping. Because of its realistic graphics, accurate real-world physics and multi-user collaboration, Holodeck is already used as a powerful design lab for AI agents trained with the Nvidia Isaac simulator.

Product designers, application developers, architects and other 3D content creators who access Nvidia Holodeck can:

Render large and highly detailed models photorealistically, in real time, at life-like scale. Designers can save significant time focusing on their designs instead of simplifying complex models to achieve a smooth experience in VR.

Create and interact with people, robots and objects in a physically simulated environment. By understanding how a project looks, feels, sounds and behaves in different environments before deploying them in the real world, designers can create superior, safer products.

Collaborate naturally and in realtime in the same virtual space. Even globally dispersed teams can explore and review the same model together to bring better products to market, faster.

Enhance workflows with AI-powered simulation tools. Intelligent machines can be deployed and trained in Holodeck's realistic simulated environments. Intelligence can then be transferred between the virtual and real worlds, so machines can be deployed more safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

Forthcoming updates to Holodeck will address the growing demand for the deployment of deep learning techniques in virtual environments and include capabilities for AI-based training, simulation, content creation and the discovery of new ideas.

"Nvidia Holodeck empowers designers to bring peers, partners and customers along the design journey to explore intricate, life-like 3D worlds together and ensure that the best ideas are discovered," said Bob Pette, vice president of Professional Visualization at Nvidia. "It's an unparalleled environment for deploying and testing AI-based agents - and will only get better as we add more AI capabilities."

Holodeck early access is the first opportunity for a select group of designers, developers and inventors to experiment with its capabilities and guide future development. Applications for Holodeck early access are being accepted now.