New App Brings 3D Modeling To iPad
April 6, 2017

New App Brings 3D Modeling To iPad

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Model3D ( is a new 3D modeling software for Apple’s iPad. Created by Blackstar Software, Model3D was designed specifically for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, although it will run on any iPad that supports the Metal graphics API.
The direct modeling software is designed to create meshes for games, simulations or 3D renderings. It’s a direct, destructive modeler (users work directly on the vertices of the meshes) as opposed to a CAD modeler. Model3D offer lower-level features (extrude, subdivide, etc.) in favor of higher level functions that add complexity. Camera controls at the edges of the screen make it intuitive to navigate with a stylus. 

Other features (camera focus, ghosting) make working with the available space as hassle-free as possible. The goal of Model3D is to appeal to experienced users while also being easy enough to learn that beginners can start modeling and rendering in 3D after a short learning period.

The Version 1.1 release is currently free to download (evaluation version doesn’t save) and can be unlocked for a one-time payment of $14.99. A PBR-based renderer and additional tools for texturing models directly are planned for the future.