Neill Blomkamp directs new <I>ADAM</I> installments
October 3, 2017

Neill Blomkamp directs new ADAM installments

AUSTIN, TX — Unity Technologies (, creator of the popular creation engine, has announced that director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) directed the next installments in the ADAM franchise: ADAM: The Mirror and ADAM: The Prophet. Created and produced by Blomkamp’s OATS Studios using the latest version of Unity 2017, these short films showcase the power of working within an integrated realtime environment, empowering the team to build, texture, animate, light, and render all in Unity.
ADAM: The Mirror will premiere during the live stream of the Unite Austin 2017 Keynote, which begins at 4pm Pacific tonight, and will be available on the OATS YouTube channel shortly after. ADAM: The Prophet will follow before the end of 2017.

“Ever since I started making films I’ve dreamed of a virtual sandbox that would let me build, shoot and edit photorealistic worlds all in one place,” says the director. “Today that dream came true thanks to the power of Unity 2017. The fact that we could achieve near photorealistic visuals at half of average time of our production cycles is astounding. The future is here and I can’t wait to see what our fans think.”

The original ‘ADAM’ was released in 2016 as a short film to demonstrate technical innovations on Unity. It won a Webby Award and was screened at several film festivals including the Annecy Film Festival and the Nashville Film Festival. ADAM: The Mirror picks up after the end of the events of ADAM where the cyborg hero discovers a clue about what and who he is. ADAM: The Prophet gives viewers their first glimpse of one of the villains in the ADAM universe.

“Neill Blomkamp and the OATS team are constantly on the cutting edge of technologies so it was an honor that they chose to craft their next world within Unity,” says Clive Downie, CMO, Unity Technologies. “When we released ADAM back in 2016, we meant it as a technical demo to showcase the possibilities of Unity, and it’s amazing to see our tools evolve to enable photorealistic, immersive worlds like those that set the scene for ADAM: The Mirror and ADAM: The Prophet.”

Key innovations will be highlighted in the coming months via a series of behind the scenes videos and articles on the Unity Website.