Mettle Launches 360VR Video Training Series
May 22, 2017

Mettle Launches 360VR Video Training Series

MONTREAL — Mettle (, the developer of 360VR software tools, has launched a free, comprehensive 360/VR Master Training Series that’s designed to teach aspiring 360/VR filmmakers cinematic 360/VR production workflows. The step-by-step video tutorial series is hosted by Adobe-certified trainer, Nick Harauz, who presents the training as video chapters that include everything filmmakers need to get started, including 360 video assets.
The entire series is organized into four chapters. The first chapter — Intro to VR — includes six sub-chapters that discuss the basics of 360/VR, its impact on storytelling for filmmakers, current tools and technology available on the market, production and post production considerations, the importance of stitching, and using an optimized workstation. The second chapter covers “Importing, Editing and Organizing 360 video clips in Adobe Premiere Pro.” This chapter is a hands-on, step-by-step presentation with nine subchapters. 

Chapter three addresses “Adding Transitions, Post FX and Graphics in the 360 Space.” Included are 10 subchapters of content covering everything needed to visually enhance 360 productions with effects, graphics, titling and transitions. And in the final chapter, pros learn what they need to “Exporting” their project, with four subchapters and tips on the best ways to experience their productions.

The series is completely free of charge and is available now on the Mettle Website.