Major CryEngine Update Offers Visual Scripting System, Nvidia PhysX, More
January 2, 2017

Major CryEngine Update Offers Visual Scripting System, Nvidia PhysX, More

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY  –  CryEngine users can now prototype faster than ever before following the latest update to Crytek's development platform, CryEngine 5.3, which introduced a beta release of the new Schematyc System.

Schematyc is an intuitive visual scripting language that allows designers to create gameplay from pre-defined building blocks. Developers can now make complete games via drag and drop, without typing even one line of code. The clear interface allows beginners to create intricate scenarios while keeping an eye on every object and event in the world.

Alongside Schematyc, CryEngine’s latest update integrates new technologies in collaboration with Nvidia. Nvidia’s PhysX system has been integrated alongside CryEngine’s existing CryPhysics interface, giving developers more ways to bring accurate, life-like physics effects to their games. Meanwhile, support for Nvidia’s Simultaneous Multi-Projection technology enables developers to enhance their VR games by rendering more natively to the unique dimensions of VR display outputs.

In addition to the release of the engine source code this past May, CryEngine 5.3 also lays the groundwork for the full editor source code becoming available with a succeeding update. This means every line of CryEngine code will be open to the public – unlocking fresh possibilities for developers and allowing for the creation of new tools and plug-ins driven by the CryEngine community. 

CryEngine users will also benefit from a new asset browser system that makes it easier to manage their in-engine assets. Finally, the update's last addition is the integration of an open-source build system titled CMake.