MVN Studio 4.4 Introduces On-Body Recording
April 20, 2017

MVN Studio 4.4 Introduces On-Body Recording

ENSCHEDE, NETHERLANDS – Xsens has released MVN Studio 4.4, a new software update that enables unshackled motion capture in any environment – all at the touch of a button.

MVN Studio is Xsens’ production-proven mo-cap software solution, used in conjunction with Xsens mocap suits to record, monitor and analyze movement. Using On-Body Recording, the data is stored directly to the Body Pack, all without the need for nearby hardware or an on-site power source. Users start capture at the touch of a button, and simply upload the data when they return to a computer

Following the release of the MVN Remote App for mobile in MVN Studio 4.3, the MVN Studio 4.4 update introduces a Reference Camera view to the application. The MVN Remote App enables users to control recordings and review performances from their iOS/Android smartphones. With the new Reference Camera, users can now capture reference video of a shoot; for instance, recording an actor’s facial expressions during a take.

The video captured using Reference Camera will play back in MVN Studio 4.4, revealing the context of where the motion was recorded, enabling users to validate the capture.