Lenovo Expands ThinkStation Portfolio
September 27, 2017

Lenovo Expands ThinkStation Portfolio

For professionals at the end of their standard product lifecycle, Lenovo is bringing to market two workstations with up to 43% faster performance than what users have today. Lenovo understands the importance of increased performance, speed and power for professionals’ projects and is announcing the latest versions of its ThinkStation P920 and the ThinkStation P720.

Lenovo will be bringing this new technology straight to you as the company hits the road to showcase its workstations across Europe, Asia, and North America in the coming weeks. The workstations deliver increased flexibility for the most mission-critical workloads and contain new features, including: 

• The latest NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics 

• Intel’s newest Xeon processors – offering industry-leading speed of up to 3.6GHz 

• Increased 6-channel memory to support the heaviest computational needs 

• Faster memory speeds and support for up to 28 cores per CPU for professionals 

• Full RAID support for NVMe drives – a necessity for those customers who are tackling reading and writing large CAD project files. 

“Intel worked closely with Lenovo to bring our newest Intel Xeon processor technology to the Thinkstation P series workstations, and deliver the performance, reliability and optimized acceleration that Lenovo’s clients need,” said Trish Damkroger, Vice President/GM, Data Center Group, Intel. “Our latest silicon technologies, combined with Lenovo’s innovations in the powerful new ThinkStation P920 and P720, offers a new level of performance for professional users across a broad range of industries.” 

Artists and creative professionals can’t afford for their workstation to be a bottleneck in production. Projects today are often so complex and challenging that they must be segmented into smaller portions so data can be manipulated in as close to real-time as possible. For example, when designing a character, the detail may be so great that each part of that character – an ear, an arm or the hair – must be created separately. However, using the latest technology of the Lenovo ThinkStation P series, artists can work in context with larger, more complex assets, and are able to complete projects faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

“At the Vanity, the main tool we rely upon for demanding projects is Autodesk’s Flame software,” said Naveen Srivastava, VFX Supervisor at the Vanity. “Flame is a very powerful tool which makes it one of the most resource-intensive solutions used in production today. We can’t wait to experience the enhanced performance of the new ThinkStation P920. We love the performance we’ve seen out of the über-powerful P910 and we can’t wait to take advantage of the additional power of the P920.” 

The ThinkStation P920 and P720’s raw multi-CPU and GPU power offers fast processing of complex datasets, calculation intensive rendering, editing and VR stitching. This power provides professionals the speed and performance required – within hardware that is reliable every time. The result: complete consistency, with no downtime or interruption.