Jaunt's XR Platform Helping Media Companies Distribute VR Content
December 14, 2017

Jaunt's XR Platform Helping Media Companies Distribute VR Content

LONDON — Jaunt Inc.  (www.jauntvr.com), a global partner for producing and distributing immersive content, has announced the Jaunt XR Platform, a white label distribution solution that’s available to media companies, brands, content aggregators and enterprise customers, enabling them to deliver immersive virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality content directly to audiences through their owned and operated channels.
Along with the debut of the platform, Medical Realities, the company behind the live 360 degree operation on a cancer patient at the Royal London Hospital, has adopted Jaunt’s technology in the reinvention of its surgical training app. Also, vTime, the sociable VR network, is also working with Jaunt’s XR Platform to develop co-watching experiences within immersive video.
“The evolution of the Medical Realities app has been an important part of the overall expansion of our brand,” says Steve Dann Medical Realities CEO. “Working with Jaunt has allowed us to enhance our customer experience and expand our distribution across platforms. We are very excited about the opportunities before us.”
Clemens Wangerin, Managing Director at vTime adds, “In Jaunt, with their immersive technology, we’ve found the perfect partner to help us towards our vision of delivering the very best sociable experiences for our users to enjoy with friends, family and others, anywhere in the world. Jaunt has huge credibility in immersive technology and is an obvious choice for this next stage of innovation for us.”
The Jaunt XR Platform provides a highly scalable solution for the distribution of all immersive content, including virtual reality video, interactive VR, branched storytelling narratives, augmented reality and mixed reality. The XR Platform allows customers to seamlessly and simultaneously publish immersive content across all 360 social platforms including Facebook 360, YouTube 360 and Twitter, native iOS and Android mobile apps, and all VR platforms and headsets. The new Jaunt XR Platform also includes an end-to-end Media Manager purpose build for immersive content, a publishing solution that supports 28 languages, and an Intelligence Suite that provides data and analytics specific to immersive content. The XR Platform sits on a scalable cloud-based infrastructure and provides globally localized solutions in a modular way.
“The next generation of digital media is immersive and media companies and brands are embracing this evolution. The challenge for these companies to meet the demand of the market has been in the ability to distribute in their own channels,” says Jaunt CEO George Kliavkoff. “Jaunt has deep experience with immersive media and we are unique in being a cross-platform provider that has perfected the creation and distribution of immersive content. Now we’ve decided to bring these tools to market to help our partners with scalable immersive solutions.”
In addition to providing partners with the XR Platform for the distribution of immersive content, the company just released their first six degrees of freedom (6DoF) mixed-reality experience, Free the Night, in partnership with Microsoft for Windows Mixed Reality, and was nominated for two Emmy Awards, winning its first Emmy Award for the documentary film Collisions, directed by Lynette Wallworth. Jaunt Studios has produced more than 300 pieces of immersive content and has aggregated the largest library of immersive content that is licensed to distributors throughout the globe.