IKinema to Give Nintendo Switch Developers Access to RunTime
December 15, 2017

IKinema to Give Nintendo Switch Developers Access to RunTime

FARNHAM, UK – Leading game technology firm IKinema has signed a Development Tools Agreement with Nintendo to enable studios to use the RunTime animation middleware for Nintendo Switch development.

With RunTime, IKinema now offers Nintendo Switch developers a full-body IK solver that is already used across Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android games to deliver more realistic character animations that perform with higher fidelity. This means studios' game characters move and react naturally and instinctively when interacting with dynamically changing environments and objects.

Customers from game development and beyond today rely on IKinema and the RunTime middleware as a robust, future-proof technology to take their games to the cutting edge of believability, whether fantastical in theme or entirely realistic. RunTime not only advances game dynamics, but enables design of new and innovative gameplay mechanics. IKinema has seen RunTime become one of the most established software solutions within the numerous industries it serves, from VR and AR to post-production and, of course, gaming.

IKinema RunTime software is integrated with Unreal Engine 4, and is available in two license tiers for Studio, and Team.