IKinema Debuts New Mocap Solution
March 22, 2017

IKinema Debuts New Mocap Solution

FARNHAM, UK — Animation technology specialist IKinema (www.IKinema.com/Orion) has introduced a new approach to motion capture and body tracking that uses ordinary VR hardware. Orion is designed to brings mocap to the masses, using Vive Trackers as the basis for a system that is so accessible and affordable, anyone can embrace it.
Using a VR headset such as the HTC Vive, motion controllers and three new Vive Trackers, Orion (https://youtu.be/TyCc2186viY) can be used in one of two ways. Firstly, by recording the position of the headset and other devices, it can serve as a high-quality, flexible and accessible motion-capture system. Secondly, the same approach can also be harnessed to provide virtual reality body tracking, meaning a VR user can have their movements captured and reproduced while they are within a given experience, taking immersion to new levels.

“Here at IKinema we're devoted to sharing creative technology with the widest range of individuals, industries and disciplines possible, while improving quality and keeping costs low,” says Alexander Pechev, CEO of IKinema. “With the arrival of consumer-ready VR headsets – and particularly the tracking hardware that has followed – we saw an untapped opportunity to put quality animation and body tracking into the hands of creators everywhere. The result is Orion, which we are confident can serve sectors as diverse as immersive theatre, enterprise, training and retail marketing. It should equally provide game developers and animators with a powerful boost to their production pipeline.”

“With Vive Tracker, we’re introducing a new toolset to both creators and consumers to build, monetize and enjoy more immersive VR experiences,” adds Daniel O'Brien, general manager for HTC Vive. “IKinema’s Orion project is an effective implementation of the Tracker to enable high-end motion capture using Vive and the Vive eco-system. We see a huge runway for Tracker implementations that enable more creativity and production using VR hardware.”

The flexibility offered by Orion means it can provide a powerful platform for all kinds of content makers, whether working in VR or otherwise. Its motion capture abilities make it perfect for game prototyping, myriad forms of previsualization and a broad sweep of design animation specialties. Orion's body tracking support, meanwhile, offers those behind exhibitions, theme parks, theatre experiences and promotional projects a remarkable way to engage audiences.

In keeping with IKinema's devotion to improving quality while driving costs down, Orion will be available for an annual charge of $500. Orion software is due for release in Q2 of 2017.