IKinema Debuts LiveAction 3.0 VR Production Animation Tool
January 6, 2017

IKinema Debuts LiveAction 3.0 VR Production Animation Tool

FARNHAM, UK — IKinema  (www.IKinema.com) has introduced the third edition of LiveAction, the company’s virtual reality and virtual production animation technology. The tool is used by 3D animation teams and directors for live performances to mass audiences.
IKinema LiveAction enables users to live-stream and clean motion capture data, taken during an actors’ performance with the assistance of motion capture suits. The technology boasts zero lag – meaning there is no latency between the actor performing the motion, and instant retargeting and viewing on the virtual avatar. Characters move with authentic human or creature behaviors and interact with props in their virtual environments, all performed within Unreal Engine 4.

IKinema LiveAction 3.0 for Unreal Engine 4 offers live motion capture streaming and solving with zero latency on multiple characters (example, up to 12 on a medium spec CPU, and 13 plus on more powerful processors). The release also supports OptiTrack, Vicon and Xsens motion capture systems. New features within LiveAction 3.0 include automatic bone mapping, a template editor, skeleton matching on target rig and improved work flow for ACP.

IKinema LiveAction 3.0 is available for Windows platform. Virtual production users can purchase node-locked or floating licenses for approximately $3,000.