Fuel3D Introduces Fast 360 Scanner
January 6, 2017

Fuel3D Introduces Fast 360 Scanner

OXFORD, UK — At the CES show in Las Vegas, Fuel3D (www.fuel-3d.com), a 3D capture and imaging innovator,  announced details of a new 360-degree scanner. The Fuel3D 360 Scanner is a high-speed imaging and measurement system, designed for capturing highly detailed 360-degree 3D data.

In just 0.3 seconds, the Fuel3D 360 Scanner captures high-resolution 3D data (accurate to 0.2mm). The scanner captures both shape and color data of mid-sized objects – around the size of a human head and shoulders. The easily transportable scanning rig can be set-up and calibrated in under an hour, making it well suited for on-location scanning and pop-up retail opportunities. To support application development, an SDK will enable users to integrate the Fuel3D 360 Scanner into their own applications.

“The growth in the use of 3D data in areas as diverse as security, medical, virtual and augmented reality has created a challenge in how to quickly and cost-effectively capture real-life subjects and objects in 3D,” says Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “The Fuel3D 360 Scanner provides a unique solution that will enable a wide range of sectors to scale-up 3D content generation cost-effectively.”

The Fuel3D 360 Scanner is being demonstrated privately this week at the CES tradeshow, with commercial availability expected in June 2017.