Framestore Opens Chicago Office
April 27, 2017

Framestore Opens Chicago Office

Oscar-winning Framestore is opening its third US location, and fifth globally, in Chicago’s West Loop May 1st. The office will be run by current Framestore employees David Mellor, as creative director, and Raven Sia, as head of production. Newly appointed Krystina Wilson will lead as executive producer, joining from The Mill in Chicago.
Framestore’s Chicago office signals an expansive growth period for Framestore’s Integrated Advertising division. 

“The value of proximity is key,” explains Jon Collins, president of integrated advertising on the move to Chicago. “We’ve always partnered with Chicago agencies, brands and production companies, but now we’re developing the work within the community and operating as part of the culture.”

“Each new office retains the Framestore DNA but also carries the nuances of each unique market and executive leadership,” continues Collins.