FOVE Begins Shipping New VR Headsets
January 6, 2017

FOVE Begins Shipping New VR Headsets

SAN MATEO, CA — FOVE (, the creator of an eye tracking virtual reality headset, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that they will begin shipping their head mounted displays around the world this month.
“This is the culmination of a two and half year adventure,” says Yuka Kojima, co-founder and CEO at FOVE. “We started FOVE as a small team back in 2014, and now we’re finally realizing an entirely new way for humans to interact with a virtual world." 

Kojima also announced that FOVE will focus exclusively on white headsets, another unique aspect to the FOVE 0. The black headsets were part of a limited edition launch wave of headsets, and Kojima mentioned that FOVE will stop selling them by the end of January.  

In addition, FOVE is debuting new software at CES 2017. LUMEN is a nonlinear VR meditation that allows you to procedurally grow a forest with your headset gaze. It is the result of a partnership with Framestore, an Oscar-winning creative studio, and Time Inc.'s Life VR platform. The updated version of this experience at CES invites users to engage with the dreamlike world where the power of eye tracking causes trees to grow, flowers to blossom and colors to change.

FOVE fully supports SteamVR, the open-source platform championed by Valve. Users would be able to play over 250 titles that are currently available on the Steam distribution service. FOVE does not currently support VIVE’s Lighthouse tracking system. The headset will ship with its own position tracking camera and an extra foam faceplate for comfort.