Digital Domain Launches VR Series <I>Monkey King</I>
July 26, 2017

Digital Domain Launches VR Series Monkey King

PLAYA VISTA, CA — Visual effects provider Digital Domain ( has launched its first cinematic virtual reality series, Monkey King. Now available on Sony PlayStation VR, Digital Domain’s Monkey King reintroduces simian Sun Wukong, aka the Monkey King, one of the most famous literary figures in Chinese mythology. The VR experience brings the story to life in stunning detail, transporting viewers into a world of supernatural creatures.

"For several decades, Digital Domain has been an innovator in the entertainment industry by creating content that fans want to consume,” says Amit Chopra, CEO, North America, Digital Domain. “Monkey King is the first of many pieces of original content to leverage our in-house visual effects artistry, 360 experience, and interactive technologies. Immersive storytelling is the next level of transportive experiences, and Digital Domain, once again, is leading the industry.”

Digital Domain has years of experience creating visual effects for Hollywood feature films and advertisements. The company’s offerings include animation, short films, and documentaries, as well as livestreaming and VOD from landmark musical, political, and entertainment events around the globe.

“To build on Digital Domain’s legacy, the studio’s first piece of original content needed to be an impressive mix of all our in-house talent and capabilities,” adds Wayne Kennedy, director of creative development, Digital Domain. “Upon considering many great stories, I was most inspired by a childhood favorite of mine, the fabled story of Monkey King. Our team adapted the fantastical tale with some originality and are excited to introduce the story to western audiences. Bringing a cinematic experience to an immersive world will open up the possibilities of virtual reality to a more diverse audience.”

Viewers can download the first three chapters of Monkey King on the PlayStation Network for $9.99. Monkey King will also be available on Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Steam and Google Cardboard later this year.