CineSync 4.0 Now Available
January 25, 2017

CineSync 4.0 Now Available

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – Cospective ( has announced the release of CineSync 4.0, an update to its Academy Award-winning remote review and approval solution.
CineSync 4.0 introduces a new iOS app, an overhauled video playback system, deeper production tracking integrations with Shotgun and ftrack, and a wealth of enhanced security features in the new CineSync Pro Studio. CineSync Pro Studio includes on-demand watermarking via a new integration with MediaSilo’s Safestream.

CineSync 4.0 has been developed in conjunction with the security departments of several major studios, meeting their requirements at every step. This has resulted in the creation of a new package in addition to cineSync Pro and cineSync Pro: CineSync Pro Studio. 

CineSync Pro Studio includes all of the functionality of CineSync Pro, but introduces some major new security features, including watermarking.

"We're thrilled to partner with Cospective to enable production and visual effects teams to collaborate securely on high-profile projects," says Kai Pradel, CEO of MediaSilo."Our joint goal is to remove friction from creative workflows while still ensuring the highest level of protection for valuable pre-release content."

A new cineSync app for iOS is now available, enabling guests to join CineSync reviews from mobile devices. The app integrates seamlessly with Shotgun and ftrack, meaning review information and media can be pushed securely to mobile devices. Files are automatically deleted at the end of the review, but all drawings and saved frames can be saved back to Shotgun or ftrack by the session host.

cineSync 4.0 features an overhauled video playback system. QuickTime has been retired and replaced by a new, adaptable video architecture. This means that cineSync 4.0 can support a wide array of video formats, resolutions, and frame-rates across all platforms.

Deeper integration with production tracking tools Shotgun, ftrack, and NIM has also been added. Users can browse and load media playlists directly from these applications, as well as access seamless transfer and recording of review information, saved frames and other feedback.

CineSync 4.0 is out now. Cospective will continue to roll out new features for CineSync, CineSync Pro and CineSync Pro Studio over the coming months.
Users with a valid subscription to an existing CineSync package will be eligible to upgrade to the latest version.