Boxx's Apexx 4 Workstation Features New Intel Processor
June 27, 2017

Boxx's Apexx 4 Workstation Features New Intel Processor

AUSTIN, TX — Boxx Technologies (, the maker of high-end computer workstations, rendering systems, and servers, has introduced Apexx 4 6201, the company’s first workstation to feature the new 10-core Intel Core i9 X-Series processor. Intel’s most scalable desktop platform ever, X-Series processors offer significant performance increases over previous Intel technology. 
“The Intel Core X-Series is the ultimate workstation platform,” says Boxx VP of engineering, Tim Lawrence. “The advantages of the new Intel Core i9, combined with Boxx innovation, will provide architects, engineers, and motion media creators with an unprecedented level of performance.”

One of those key Intel X-Series advantages is Intel Turbo Boost 3.0. This technology identifies the two best cores to boost, making the new CPUs well suited for multitasking and virtual reality, as well as for editing and rendering high-res 4K/VR video and effects with fast video transcode, image stabilization, 3D effects rendering, and animation. When comparing previous generation Intel processors to X-Series processors (10-core vs. 10-core), the X-Series is up to 14 percent faster in multi-threaded performance and up to 15 percent faster in single-threaded performance. 

Apexx 4 6201 also includes up to three, professional-grade Nvidia or AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards, and up to 128GBs of system memory. Highly configurable, Apexx 4 workstations provide a high level of support for single-threaded applications like Solidworks and Autodesk Revit, as well as multi-threaded tasks in applications like ANSYS, 3DS Max, Maya, and Adobe CC. Pricing starts at $3,770.