Boxx Intros Next-Gen Workstation with 8th-Gen Intel
November 17, 2017

Boxx Intros Next-Gen Workstation with 8th-Gen Intel

BOXX Technologies debuted the new APEXX S3 workstation, featuring an overclocked, 8th  generation, Intel Core i7    processor, at Autodesk University recently.  

Along with the immediate availability of the new Intel “Coffee Lake” processor, BOXX is unveiling the workstation in a next generation chassis—as well as a new APEXX workstation nomenclature based upon the Intel scalable processor platform. 

APEXX S3 replaces the BOXX flagship workstation, APEXX 2 2403, and features the latest Intel Core i7 processor overclocked to 4.8 GHz. The liquid-cooled system sustains that frequency across all cores—even in the most demanding situations. Eighth generation Intel processors offer a significant performance increase over previous Intel technology and BOXX is the only workstation manufacturer making the new micro architecture available now, as well as professionally overclocked and backed by a three-year warranty. 

BOXX also removed unused, outdated technology (like optical drive bays) in order to maximize productive space. Inside its new, compact, industrial chassis, the computationally dense APEXX S3 supports up to two dual slot NVIDIA or AMD Radeon Pro professional graphics cards, an additional single slot card, and features solid state drives and faster memory at 2600MHz DDR4.