Artec 3D Releases Studio 12
April 24, 2017

Artec 3D Releases Studio 12

PALO ALTO, CA – Artec 3D has launched Artec Studio 12the newest version of its for professional 3D scanning and data processing. The intelligence-based Artec Studio 12 software boasts enhanced speed, an improved user interface, and new automated features that minimize the time needed for scanning and processing. It incorporates 28 new features, many user requested. 

Artec Studio 12 tackles one of the most awkward steps in post-processing: base removal. First introduced in Artec Studio 11, the newest generation of the software features significant improvements to algorithms used for automatic base removal with its Smart Base Removal tool. This enables the distinguishing between a platform an object is sitting on, the object being scanned and can even recognize and remove base surfaces, which are not flat. At the same time, all data beneath this surface is also automatically removed.

To help users digitize tricky areas such as black or shiny objects, or thin surfaces such as hair, Artec Studio 12 also includes automated sensitivity settings for the Artec Eva scanner. The settings are automatically adjusted by the software when hard-to-scan surfaces are detected, without the user needing to make any manual adjustments. Furthermore, the algorithms have been optimized to improve 3D reconstruction and reduce the amount of “noise” around the surface when sensitivity is increased. 

For smoother processing of larger projects, Artec Studio 12 features new Smart Memory Management, which optimizes the use of RAM. As users work in Artec Studio, the software identifies data that can be discarded, lessening the amount that must be stored in RAM, and freeing up a maximum of 10Gb for power intensive post-processing steps.

Artec Studio 12 also features easier storage, faster data management, and a user-friendly interface. In addition, a model’s surface area and volume numbers can now be exported to CAD and CAM software.