Allegorithmic Updates Substance Painter To V.2.5
February 22, 2017

Allegorithmic Updates Substance Painter To V.2.5

CULVER CITY, CA — Allegorithmic has released Substance Painter 2.5, an update to its 3D painting software. The new release is a free upgrade for Substance Painter 2 license holders, and monthly users of Allegorithmic's Substance Live service.
Substance Painter 2.5 offers opacity control for paint brushes. This includes the added bonus of being able to paint multiple separate strokes with the same opacity level, as if painted through a single stroke. This is useful for touch-ups and fine-tuning of hand-painted art.

The post process tab now features an LUT-based color management option, allowing artists to apply industry standard color profiles such as ACES Filmic tone mapping. Custom LUT textures can be imported to adapt to any movie or game pipeline.

Support for the new Substance Engine 6 means that Text decals and stencils can now be created dynamically in Substance Painter. The company has also added familiar filters like Drop Shadow, Stroke and Glow to complement the new text ability.

Using custom shaders in Substance Painter is now easier than before. Building a custom dynamic UI for a shader allows users to port complex shaders while controlling what options are available to the artist. The shader parameters can then be exported along with the textures, allowing for visual parity between the viewport and the target game engine or renderer.

The scripting API has been expanded to support deeper integrations into game and VFX pipelines. The ability to write custom metadata in Painter projects, to batch-import resources in the shelf or track the mesh used in a project represent only sample of the improvements made to the scripting in Substance Painter 2.5.

Bakers have also been updated to support non-square and 8K bakes.