Allegorithmic Adds New Fabric Collection To Substance Source
April 18, 2017

Allegorithmic Adds New Fabric Collection To Substance Source

CLERMONT-FERRAND, FRANCE — Allegorithmic ( has launched a new fabric collection for Substance Source, bringing 150 new textiles to 3D artists and designers. With options for woven, knitted and technical fabrics, the new collection gives artists a ready-made way to apply high-res materials to their designs, without giving up creative control.
Working with a professional fashion designer, Allegorithmic has distilled current trends into a colorful collection of textile staples built for the real world. Each material is not only fully scanned, but fully procedural, allowing users to create infinite variations off a single sample. With seamless 4K exports to any renderer or game engine, adding the perfect fabric to a shoe or chair is now simple and fun.

“With this release, Allegorithmic is keeping our promise to ensure that Substance Source remains diverse and ever-growing,” says Nicolas Paulhac, product manager and color, material and finish designer at Allegorithmic. “As Substance tools spread into new markets like fashion and industrial design, our goal is to make the design process more accessible to everyone. With packaged presets, a curated color palette and materials that can be endlessly customized, we make the entire design workflow – from prototyping to completion – easier than ever before.”

Today’s release is the largest fully scanned material collection ever added to Substance Source. Instead of simply scanning assets and uploading them into the system, Allegorithmic created a production pipeline from the ground up. Using Substance Designer 6’s new scan processing tools, Allegorithmic was able to load captures and apply procedural parameters, resulting in flexible materials that can be molded to the user’s vision.

Allegorithmic also created a new set of color presets that can be filtered by season. Cool colors in winter, warm colors in summer, each palette will be accessible in Substance Player whenever a material is loaded. 

The new materials are included as part of Substance Source, which is available to Substance Live users. Substance Live is available for $19.90/month for indie users, and $99.90/month for pro users.