Adobe Previews 11 New Technologies
October 31, 2017

Adobe Previews 11 New Technologies

LAS VEGAS — At the Adobe MAX conference recently, Adobe unveiled 11 technology Sneaks that represent explorations and emerging technologies. The following are most relevent for users working in the post production industry.
Cloak - Cloak is content-aware-fill for video. It enables removing unwanted things from a video by imagining what would appear if these unwanted things were removed.

SonicScape - SonicScape is a new way to visualize ambisonics in 360 video using color particles. This visualization will help video editors see where sound is located in context.

Sidewinder - Sidewinder takes a VR video with a depth map and applies novel view synthesis to enable moving of the head positionally which makes the 3D presence of the scene much greater.

To learn more about the other Sneaks unveiled in Las Vegas, check out Adobe’s BLOG.