ZW3D 2016 Simplifies & Speeds Product Design
March 29, 2016

ZW3D 2016 Simplifies & Speeds Product Design

GUANGZHOU, CHINA — ZW3D (, a supplier of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the manufacturing industry, has announced the availability of ZW3D 2016, a full-featured, pro-level CAD/CAM program designed for product design and operations alike. 
ZW3D 2016 is embedded with numerous powerful and comprehensive functionalities, like new 3D sketch for efficient piping design, new alignment for quicker assembly and expansive FTI for much-advanced sheet metal etc., allowing mechanics and engineers to explore design ideas, visualize concepts, and simulate designs. It also includes easy-to-learn and entry-level functions to link operation departments in the following approaches:

Import & Healing

Data interoperability matters a lot in product development. For the engineering department, the ability to reuse rather than re-create modeling data will save countless hours; for others, the ability to access internal and external data will minimize communication costs.

In ZW3D 2016, the built-in file translator ensures seamless data exchange with mainstream CAD programs, like Catia, NX, Creo, SoldWorks, STEP, JT, Parasolid and much more, in latest file formats. Plus, abundance of healing & freeform tools enables quick detection & restoration of imported models.
Drawing Review & Direct Edit

Model Checking is vital to safeguard the manufacturability & quality of products. For procurement, ZW3D can help calculate mass properties and stock size of geometries before purchasing; for CAD managers, a series of verification tools, like thickness analysis, interference check & dynamic section view, etc., are provided to inspect product structure and assembly reasonability before releasing the design data downstream.
Plus, with the much-more stable Direct Edit technologies in ZW3D 2016, the pinpointed problems in the previous checking process can be easily fine-tuned, if required.

3D Annotation

Annotating is to upgrade the paper-based collaboration into digital one. Engineers can define dimensions & annotations vividly on 3D models with the newly-developed PMI in ZW3D 2016, which allows their collaborators who don’t work with CAD to be highly engaged in product development. This will help speed up interaction, avoid project delays and boost productivity.
File Output

Offering proper files to corresponding users is crucial to the cross-department and cross-company interactions. ZW3D 2016 comes with much improved 2D sheet, delivering rapid and precise generation of various standard 2D sheets and BOM table from parts or assembly. Moreover, designs in ZW3D can be exported to STEP, IGES, STL, Parasolid, SAT, Catia & 3D PDF files etc.