Xsens Adds Mobile & Wi-Fi Support To MVN Studio
May 27, 2016

Xsens Adds Mobile & Wi-Fi Support To MVN Studio

ENSCHEDE, THE NETHERLANDS — A new update to Xsens’ (www.xsens.com) data analysis MVN Studio software brings increased freedom of movement to motion capture. This is made possible by using a common Wi-Fi network and a mobile device. When paired with Xsens MVN or MVN Biomech, update 4.3 allows users to transmit data from any location with Wi-Fi, and use a mobile device to control the recording.
“The update adds the flexibility to experiment wherever you want,” says Xsens product manager Hein Beute. “Expanding our Wi-Fi and remote options makes motion capture even more accessible for our users. We are looking forward to see how our clients will take advantage of the new features.”

A soft access point now does the heavy lifting, allowing motion capture data to be sent to any computer running MVN Studio on that network. With this flexibility, users can move about freely within range of their signal, inside or out, trusting that the data they produce is being sent to their chosen workstation.

The MVN Studio Update 4.3 also introduces a new app that works with iOS and Android mobile devices. After accessing the MVN Remote app on their device, users can start and stop the recordings being transmitted to their workstation over Wi-Fi. Instant avatar previews cut the time it takes to visualize intended motions, and remove the need to confine a project to a specific area.

The MVN Studio 4.3 update marks the first major release for the software since the 4.2 update in June 2015. The Xsens MVN and MVN Biomech are available from Xsens and its international distribution partners. MVN Studio, MVN Studio Pro, and MVN Studio Biomech are available through a yearly subscription or lifetime license. MVN Studio 4.3 is available to ‘Software Maintenance and Support’ subscribers now as a software and firmware update.