Vicon & Vizrt Partner On Virtual Set Solution
February 23, 2016

Vicon & Vizrt Partner On Virtual Set Solution

OXFORD, UK — Motion-capture specialist Vicon ( has entered into a strategic partnership with Vizrt, a provider of digital production tools. The Vicon tracking solution for integration with Viz Virtual Studio is being demonstrated at the BVE 2016 show in the UK. The technology allows production teams to quickly deploy virtual sets with precise camera lens calibration and accurate tracking abilities.  
Vicon’s broadcast solution is able to deliver smooth, reliable and low latency camera tracks. It requires minimal motion capture cameras and is delivered through an easy workflow; providing the virtual studio user with an exciting new solution.
The solution from Vicon includes a brand new piece of software called Studio. Developed especially for broadcast virtual set applications, Vicon Studio calibrates broadcast cameras and lenses in minutes and is fully compatible with Vizrt’s Tracking Hub, the powerful configuration and control system for virtual studios. Vicon Studio also integrates with industry-standard lenses from Fujinon and Canon - to output a synchronised stream of data including camera position and focus plus zoom information from the lens.
As the popularity and complexity of virtual sets grows, accurate tracking plays an integral part of creating realism. Vicon’s optical tracking solution will enable production teams to scale their virtual projects to include multiple studio cameras and props, all within the same Virtual environment.
“Vicon’s new tracking solution integrates seamlessly with Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio solution and they’ve been an excellent partner while developing this new solution,” said Gerhard Lang, chief engineering officer at Vizrt. “Vicon offers an extremely accurate system that is perfectly suited for fixed sets with multiple cameras and future proof even for 4K productions.”  
“We are very excited to partner with one of the most prominent and innovative players in the broadcast industry,” said Imogen Moorhouse, CEO at Vicon. “We worked very closely with the teams at Vizrt in order to deliver a powerful new tracking experience to production teams with Vicon Studio.”