VR-Ready 360 Video and VR Content Creation with iClone 6.5
September 26, 2016

VR-Ready 360 Video and VR Content Creation with iClone 6.5

SAN JOSE, CA – New VR-ready content creation is available in iClone 6.5 with 360 video for 3D animation. 
Users can go beyond standard video rendering and transform any camera inside iClone 3D scenes into a full 360 camera. iClone 6.5 static or animated cameras have 360 panoramic mode, enabling video renders that upload and share online via YouTube or Facebook. VR headset owners from HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus Rift and more can create VR-ready content for 360 video using iClone and their head-mounted display of choice to create and view content quickly and with no coding required. 
The iClone 6.5 VR-ready features include the ability to import custom 3D content or use one of the thousands of available 3D content packs from the Reallusion content store. iClone 6.5 is a complete real-time environment to create and animate 3D characters, props, cameras, visual effects and now fully immersive 360 videos. 

The iClone 6.5 animation pipeline, 3DXchange 6.5 and Character Creator 1.5 all combine for a trio of tools for VR content creators. Quick character creation and animation with iClone will provide fast content creation for the people or characters needed to inhabit VR environments as main characters with lip sync and animation or simply as extras to fill the 3D scene with an ambient crowd. The iClone content is VR-ready for game engines like Unity and Unreal. 

The VR-Ready 360 video is available now and is included with iClone 6.5 PRO.