Unity Technologies Announces Gaming Certification Program
March 15, 2016

Unity Technologies Announces Gaming Certification Program

SAN FRANCISCO — At the GDC show, here, Unity Technologies (http://unity3d.com) announced the Unity Certification Program, the first industry credential that validates knowledge of foundational game design and programming skills, and establishes a baseline of industry standard practices for game production with Unity. The program is designed to help companies more easily measure an individual’s Unity knowledge and skills and help with the assessment and professional development of their teams.
Interested parties can take the Unity Certified Developer Exam, which offers aspiring game developers a means to obtain a credential that will enable them to validate and communicate their Unity knowledge and skills to employers, helping them to compete in the job market.
“Unity Technologies have rightly spotted the gap in the market and have managed to address it with a suitable approach that solves many issues for evaluating Game Design and Development skills of individuals,” says Dr. Damon Daylamani-Zad, senior lecturer department of computing and information systems, University of Greenwich. “This is especially useful for graduates, as they can officially demonstrate their skills to prospective employers. It also reduces the risk of employing developers and graduates as they can now support their CVs with an official evaluation. Finally, this approach also helps the Higher Education to align their focus with the industry standards.”
Unity Technologies is also offering the Unity Certified Developer Courseware, an online learning program that directly maps to preparation for the certification exam. Courseware will be available for purchase online in Q2 2016. Initially, both the exam and courseware are offered in English, however, multiple languages are planned to ensure candidates across the globe have access to certification materials in their native language.
“Democratizing development and enabling success are core principles at Unity, and creating a certification program is one of best ways to drive those ideas forward,” says Megan Stewart, head of global education, Unity Technologies. “We’ve developed a program based on learning science, that supports the way educators teach and students learn. This will help create a path to give students marketable, valuable skills, seeding the future workforce of the industry.”
Unity Certification will be available through Unity events around the world with additional certification events and proctoring methods made available later in the year. The first public certification session is to be held at GDC 2016 in San Francisco. GDC attendees will have a unique, limited opportunity to be among the first in the world to become Unity Certified Developers by taking the certification exam for $125, a 50 percent discount off the regular US retail price of $250. Visit certification.unity.com/gdc and use the code ucert50gdc.