Torque Opens In Hartford Providing VFX Services
February 5, 2016

Torque Opens In Hartford Providing VFX Services

HARTFORD, CT — Digital artists Lawrence Jones and Jason Vega have launched a new content creation studio, here, called Torque ( The company specializes in the creation of visual effects, animation, motion graphics, and VR experiences for the commercial, entertainment, broadcast, cable and streaming television industries.
Vega and Jones (pictured) are both multidiscipline creative. Their backgrounds include commercial work for HP, Sony, Marvel, Scion, Disney, EA, Paramount, Patrón, and Applebee's. They have also created TV network packages for The CW (network rebrand) and ESPN (Sportscenter). And their visual content is featured within interactive installations, including VW’s Concept Car Experience at Stiftung Automuseum in Wolfsburg, Germany.

“It is becoming very clear that the broadcast advertising industry is in need of a unique creative and technology company that will create integrated advertising solutions,” says Jones. “The broadcast arena is screaming for creative and innovative ways by which brands and networks can leverage the latest tech to empower engaging storytelling. Our new creative company will offer clients cost effective and impactful solutions that deliver the messages they wish to present to their target audiences at a fraction of the typical industry fees.” 

“We purposely keep our overhead down so that we can offer high-end products and services to clients at affordable prices,” adds Vega. “By using the latest technologies at our disposal, we are able to do just that."
Concurrent with the launch of their new studio, the team just completed a new commercial campaign for client Orthopedic Associates of Hartford. The :60 Keep Moving spot informs viewers that since life moves so fast, everyone really needs to set aside time to take care of their own body. The message is fortified thematically by incorporation of Torque's colorful visuals, which appear throughout the spot.