Thinkbox Debuts On-demand, Per-minute Deadline 8 Licenses

Thinkbox Debuts On-demand, Per-minute Deadline 8 Licenses

LOS ANGELES (NAB 2016) – Thinkbox Software is rolling out Deadline 8, software that provides the foundation for organizations to easily manage any combination of local and cloud-based resources, ensuring jobs run efficiently.

Deadline 8 introduces on-demand, per-minute licensing for Deadline, Thinkbox's Krakatoa and Sequoia, and third-party applications including The Foundry's Nuke and Katana, and Chaos Group's V-Ray, with more to be added. On-demand licensing can be purchased via the Thinkbox's e-commerce portal 24/7, with minutes consumed only while the Slave application is rendering. 

Deadline 8’s Proxy Server allows users to securely connect to and interact with remote and cloud-based render farms over public Internet without the need for a virtual private network (VPN). For VPNs already in place between remote locations, the Proxy Server can be used to provide a more stable connection over high-latency networks. 

The latest version of Deadline also features improved Monitor interactivity, with long running operations such as deleting thousands of jobs or configuring hundreds of Slaves now being executed in the background and controlled by a new Background Operations panel that allows users to view, pause and cancel activity. 

Multiple Monitors are now supported, enabling users to control several farms or offices simultaneously from one screen, and the List panels in the Monitor have been rewritten from the ground up to be more efficient when handling thousands of jobs or Slaves. 

Deadline 8 also adds application support for Toon Boom’s Harmony, The Foundry’s Katana, Nvidia Iray for Maya, Imagineer Systems’ mocha Pro and UnrealSwarm. 

Deadline 8 will be available for purchase May 1, 2016.