SolidAnim Introduces SolidTrack Unity
June 9, 2016

SolidAnim Introduces SolidTrack Unity

PARIS — SolidAnim ( has introduced SolidTrack Unity, a marker-less camera tracking and previz/animation solution for realtime visual effects and on-set visualization for broadcast and film. The new version of SolidTrack can be used with the rendering game engine, Unity. 
The Unity 5 plug-in, developed by the SolidAnim team, receives tracking data from SolidTrack and matches it in a 3D environment. The combination of SolidTrack's camera tracking data with video game rendering engine enhances user creativity with the large panel of tools in Unity 5 and the friendly user interface of SolidTrack. The combined solution enables augmented reality and delivers a high quality result, both to broadcasters and filmmakers.
"The convergence between offline animation and the real world is impressive, the use of the video game engine in realtime in the film and broadcast industry is an upward trend,” says Isaac Partouche, co-founder of SolidAnim. 

SolidTrack new version includes a box that gathers all tracking and other data in a single wire, which makes the organization of data and global information significantly easier. In addition a new genlock feature to genlock SolidTrack, tracking data and the film camera has been implemented. This two-way synchronization ensures there are no frame delays.