Silverdraft Demon Ignites VR and Flame
August 5, 2016

Silverdraft Demon Ignites VR and Flame

ANAHEIM, CA –   Silverdraft ( ), maker of sinfully-fast Devil and Demon super-computers for rendering, VFX transcoding, animation, VR and visualization applications, showcased the firepower of its products to enable collaborative VR and accelerated VFX post production during SIGGRAPH 2016. Highlights included demonstrations of Demons running Autodesk’s VRED and Immersive Design Studios’ Canvas visualization software, along with the launch of the industry’s purported fastest Autodesk Flame.

Silverdraft’s custom-tuned Devil supercomputers and fast Demon workstations unleash computing muscle in small footprints, delivering technology that is optimized for software and task, which can easily scale from single users through to small, medium and large entertainment, industrial design and visualization facilities. 

Devils and Demons fit seamlessly into existing workflows and are available in several “flavors” which maximize software performance through custom-configurations of processor speeds, core counts and CPU/GPUs using the very latest technologies from Intel, NVIDIA and Micron.

At SIGGRAPH, Silverdraft teamed up with NVIDIA to showcase how the combination of dual Demon VR workstations, fitted with the latest NVIDIA M6000 24Gb cards, support collaborative VR experiences using Autodesk VRED visualization software. Visitors were able to participate in a unique, remote shared-volume room-scale VR session, in which real-time raytracing and the display frame rate of 90fps of VRED CAD models rendered in OpenGL, delivered a high-quality immersive VR experience that was also comfortable for viewers.

At PNY’s booth, Silverdraft showcased dual NVIDIA super-charged Demon VR systems supporting Immersive Design Studios’ Canvas image-processing software designed for large projection surfaces such as experience centers, concert venues and sports stadiums. Also showed was an Autodesk VRED demo on a single Demon VR system.

Over at B&H Photo, Silverdraft revealed what the company called the industry’s fastest Autodesk Flame, showing an optimized Demon delivering unprecedented speed for interactive 3D compositing, visual and editorial finishing. Historically, computationally-intensive effects, such as blur, de-noise and rack defocus, and operations including 3D composting of 4K footage, have slowed Flame sessions to a crawl. Since Autodesk decoupled from the hardware for Flame, Silverdraft has spearheaded the delivery of Flame on Demon, with the result that artists can now work with an instantaneous U/I, on the most complex effects in real time, making client-attend sessions a reality.