Rokoko Taking Pre-Orders For New Mocap Suit
December 14, 2016

Rokoko Taking Pre-Orders For New Mocap Suit

COPENHAGEN & SAN FRANCISCO — Rokoko Electronics Inc. (, a Danish hardware and software innovator, has unveiled its flagship product, the Smartsuit Pro, which is designed for technical tasks such as pre-visualization, 3D modeling and character animation. The company is also now taking pre-orders of the suit, with prices beginning at $2,245.
“Greater and simplified access to mocap will unlock creative possibilities, increase the quality, and lower the costs of 3D animation in film and games.” says Jakob Balslev, CEO and Founder, Rokoko. “Until now, however, the ability for the vast majority of creative teams to leverage this technology has been simply unattainable. The Smartsuit Pro breaks down all the barriers to entry with a simple, intuitive and cost-effective proposition.”

The Smartsuit Pro is a sensor-based motion capture studio in one wireless body suit. It enables users to capture the physical world with precision and ease. It is mobile, accessible and incredibly cost-effective compared to the traditional motion capture systems, which typically cost more than $100,000. Prior to its official unveiling, Rokoko has already placed units with notable, preselected creative teams at film and game studios around the world to great success.

The Smartsuit Pro benefits from a seamless integration with leading software development platforms, including Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and MotionBuilder. No technical expertise is required for setup, ensuring a wide range of artists and animators can leverage this tool to help transform their creative visions into reality with ease. Moreover, the Smartsuit Pro’s mobile design requires minimal space to operate meaning design teams no longer have a need for a dedicated studio space to service their mocap needs. Rokoko plans to begin fulfilling worldwide orders in February, 2017.