Red Giant Improves PluralEyes Syncing Solution
July 27, 2016

Red Giant Improves PluralEyes Syncing Solution

PORTLAND, OR — Red Giant has updated audio/video syncing plug-in PluralEyes. Version 4.1 of PluralEyes is free to current PluralEyes users, and the company is offering special sales pricing on its Website ( using the code PLURALEYES25.
PluralEyes 4.1 now offers Edius Pro support. Users can start a project in PluralEyes 4.1 and export the synced project as an FCP 7 XML file into Edius Pro 7.5 and 8. New features also make it easier to produce music videos. Music videos are often shot with the track playing in the background, over multiple takes and in multiple locations. PluralEyes 4.1 automatically consolidates all takes onto their own track, muting all background audio but the master track.

GoPro support has been improved too, with support for longer recording times, multiple files or multiple camera cards. PluralEyes detects and consolidates spanned clips into one. And users can now delete multiple clips together. Cleaning up a synced project now takes little time, with the ability to select multiple clips and delete them all at once before exporting the project to an NLE. Users now have the option to turn off drift-correction when the audio drift in a project would be considered minimal.
A number of bug fixes have also been implemented, including connectivity issues with the PluralEyes panel for Adobe Premiere Pro.

Current PluralEyes users can update the tool free through the Red Giant Website or through Red Giant Link. For Edius Pro support, users must download through the Red Giant Website installer. For additional help with updating to v4.1, please contact the Red Giant support team with any questions.
As a standalone tool, PluralEyes 4.1 costs $299. It’s also a part of the $399 Red Giant Shooter Suite.