Red Giant Embraces Computer Vision Technology
November 3, 2016

Red Giant Embraces Computer Vision Technology

PORTLAND, OR – Red Giant   has teamed up with augmented reality technology startup wrnch to bring the company’s computer vision technology to Magic Bullet Denoiser III, Red Giant’s plug-in for removing unwanted video noise and grain from footage.

Rewritten from scratch, Denoiser III is powered by cutting-edge computer vision technology from wrnch, which enables the tool to manipulate pixels and replace noise with what should really be seen in the shot. 

“With our denoising technology, we’re teaching the machine to see noise and replace it with what would be seen in the real world,” explains Paul Kruszewski, founder and CEO at wrnch, and a serial entrepreneur with successful exits in artificial intelligence and video game technology. “By incorporating computer vision technology into Denoiser III, we’re taking the visual complexity of the world and reducing it to an interactive synthetic reality. Essentially, what augmented reality does in real time, we’re enabling in postproduction, combined with an underlying artificial intelligence that ensures users will get the best video denoising results.”

An essential upgrade for previous users, Magic Bullet Denoiser III is the first product to come to market using wrnch technology. 

A robust tool for removing unwanted grain, Denoiser III can process just about any type of footage a filmmaker could imagine, be it old stock footage, video from a cell phone, film, or digital video. The underlying wrnch AI makes the plug-in almost fully automatic. 

Denoiser III works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro X, and can be used on both Windows and Mac.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Denoiser III is now available for $199 ($99 for academic users); current users can upgrade for $99.