Pluralsight Becomes Official Autodesk Training Partner
August 11, 2016

Pluralsight Becomes Official Autodesk Training Partner

FARMINGTON, UT – Pluralsight, an online learning resource for technology professionals, has entered into a partnership with Autodesk to provide free training videos to the Autodesk Knowledge Network. Effective immediately, Autodesk subscribers will have access to nearly 250 Pluralsight training clips, including the new “Exploring Maya 2017,” a one-hour overview of the current 3D platform.
“I am extremely excited and proud to partner with Autodesk on their Knowledge Network; the combination of our instructors and their products is a powerful one,” says Andy Rahden, vice president of creative, design and engineering at Pluralsight. “Now designers can gain new tricks and techniques from some of the best instructors around, for free, on the Autodesk Knowledge Network, or through expanded courses on our technology learning platform.”

Pluralsight’s course work will add new insights from industry experts with years of experience teaching Autodesk products to the Autodesk Knowledge Network. The training materials cover several subjects – Maya, Fusion 360, 3DS Max, Revit, Inventor, etc. – with dedicated lessons and documents for visual effects, gaming, animation and design.

“By partnering with Pluralsight, we can offer Autodesk users a range of the best possible tools to help them succeed,” notes Tom Williams, director of the Autodesk Knowledge Network at Autodesk. “As the Autodesk Knowledge Network continues to grow, Pluralsight’s years of experience with online training make them a natural fit for the vibrant Autodesk community.”

The two Maya courses by Justin Marshall and Eddie Russell, who have a combined 17 years of experience using and teaching Maya, have just debuted. The first course, “Exploring Maya 2017,” contains eight lessons and delves into the new features available in Maya. It is now available on the Autodesk Website, and can be accessed directly through the help menu in Maya. The second release, “Introduction to Maya 2017,” is an 11-hour course that covers the program’s full feature set. It is available through, and joins more than 600 dedicated Maya courses already available to Pluralsight members.

To sign up for the Maya 2017 courses, visit Pluralsight’s Maya registration page (