Peter Jackson Intros Model Aircraft Kits
August 23, 2016

Peter Jackson Intros Model Aircraft Kits

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND — Weta Workshop has secured online distribution rights for Wingnut Wings, Peter Jackson’s scale model kitset company, in a move which sees the Workshop become its largest online distributor. Coinciding with the launch of Weta Workshop’s revamped online store, the full Wingnut Wings catalogue can now be found among the ranks of the Workshop’s high-end collectibles, prop replicas, ‘art of’ books, apparel, and more, shipping worldwide.
Borne out of Peter Jackson’s passion for model-making and love of vintage aircraft, Wingnut Wings are known for their highly accurate, large scale model kitsets of World War One aircraft. Run by a small yet talented team on the Miramar Peninsula, the company has grown from humble beginnings: starting with an early run of just four models in 2009, they now boast an extensive collection that, in addition to kitsets, includes a small range of hand-crafted miniature soldiers (‘Little Contemptibles’).

Weta Workshop began online distribution for the full Wingnut Wings catalogue in June, joining a select group of specialist brick-and-mortar stores in New Zealand and abroad. The Wingnut Wings website remains, but customers will now click through to to complete their purchase. It’s a fitting match for two Wellington companies that share a strong model-making lineage.

“Weta Workshop is hugely proud to team up with Peter Jackson and Wingnut Wings to become its largest online distributor,” says Weta Workshop Consumer Products Sales Manager, Kelly Tyson. “Our company’s foundations have been built on the art of making models, working with Peter on the likes of Meet the Feebles to The Lord of the Rings and beyond. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to continue that long history of collaboration on the Miramar Peninsula.”

Like Jackson, the Wingnut Wings team are passionate and dedicated modelers themselves, pouring hundreds of hours of research into each 1:32 scale kitset. To ensure the authenticity of their designs, the team consult original factory drawings where possible, along with historical and contemporary photographs. They also work closely with industry experts; among them, New Zealand aircraft restoration and manufacturing company The Vintage Aviator Ltd. With both novice and experienced modellers in mind, each kit includes a fully illustrated instruction manual and beautiful box art.

“Wingnut Wings is dedicated to producing highly accurate, high-quality scale model kitsets that are as enjoyable to build for both the experienced and novice modeler alike,” says Wingnut Wings Coordinator, Richard Alexander. “We are making models the way we have always wanted models to be made and, through this new partnership with Weta Workshop, we hope to be able to share our enjoyment with an even wider audience of enthusiastic model makers and collectors.”

The Wingnut Wings partnership comes at an exciting time for Weta Workshop, coinciding with the launch of its modernized new online store, and arriving hot on the heels of the release of its highly-anticipated Warcraft range. With Wingnut Wings now in the mix, there’s plenty to please film fans, history buffs, model makers and keen collectors of all descriptions.